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Public Art

7 Cymatic Sonatas

Wheels on the Bus in 7 Cymatic Sonatas, was a public artwork commissioned by THE Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS).  The images for the public work were taken from a cymascope—an instrument that converts sound vibrations into visual patterns—to produce images based on the resonant frequencies of each of the buses and bus facilities in which he recorded. As a result, the appearance of the work constantly shifts in response to the daily and seasonal atmospheric changes.


Reactants is a public work in the HanesBrands Theatre in the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts. The work was commissioned by The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County and was one of two commissions for the new center. The imagery represents the resonant frequency of the theatre space, which O'Neal captured using a cymascoe and rendered using his trademark mirror paint.  The work places the viewer within the shimmering, vibrational spirit of the theater.



​OV Project

​The OV Project was a site specific installation created for the Andreas Bechtler Collection outside of Charlotte, NC. The artist created several structures, hidden within the 300 acres park, and invited visitors to discover and interact with the structures. In each unique space the artist presented one chapter of a ten-chapter book on sacred geometry, along with other clues as to where the next space might be located.


​Seven Waters

Seven Waters is a public work commissioned by Johnston Developing Group. The sculptural fountain represents the shoals around the Spartanburg, South Carolina area. Using aerial photographs and typographic maps O'Neal created a work that depicts seven of the areas waterways.

​Nine Muses

The Cobb Energy Centre commissioned O'Neal to create a feature wall for the Lobby. The Nine Muses is a representation of the multi-facted spectrum of theatre.




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