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Wheels on the Bus in 7 Cymatic Sonatas recognized

by the Public Art Network

Jimmy O'Neals 7 Cymatic Sonatas commissioned by Charlotte Area Transit System was named one of the 50 Best Public Art Projects in 2012 Public Art Network Year in Review by The Americans for the Arts.

Public Art Network

Metro Magazine
Carolina Art News

The Beautiful Mind of Jimmy O'Neal
Photograph by: Christopher Shane

The Beautiful Mind of Jimmy O'Neal appeared in the WNC magazine and was written by Carroll Leggett. The article examines Jimmy's process and the creation of the public work created for the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts.


WNC: Mountain Living in Western North Carolina Magazine

Other Articles about Reactant:

Winston-Salem Journal: Arts for the Center

Winston-Salem Journal:Engaging

The Pie Fight

The Pie Fight was a commissioned family portrait. As a way to create a unique painting and shared experience for the family O'Neal orchestrated a pie fight. Each member of the family wore eye-tracking glasses while the other members of the family engaged in a pie fight. The eye-tracking glasses were connected to a program that would map the eye movement resulting in a painting that was a mirrored record of the visual mapping.


The Intersections Project at Southeastern for Contemporary

The Intersections Project is a collaborative initiative launched by SECCA, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, and the Arts Council of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County. In a unique partnership, artists and classroom educators work together to develop arts integrated lesson plans and residencies for classroom applications. All lessons support the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in multiple disciplines and encourage project-based learning through the arts. These lessons, along with documentation from their classroom implementation and other resources, serve as the foundation of this website designed to provide content for educators across the state and beyond. O’Neal presented a survey of his work and its relationship to cymatics (the study of sound, vibration, and how frequency affects matter). The content of this workshop directly related to both visual art and science standards. O’Neal and educators taught students how to construct and operate a cymascope, an instrument that transforms frequency into visible imagery. Students then collected audio samples from throughout their schools. The students then processed their audio samples through the cymascopes and used digital photography and video to document the resulting images, which displayed how various frequencies affects matter. Students also used the imagery to collectively create a painting that traveled between schools.

Lesson Plans from TIP website

TEDxKatuah Jimmy O'Neal - The Artistic Journey Of Discovery

TEDxKatuah 2011,in Rosman, NC, was an interactive, multi-media event where science, beauty, and imagination collided to expand perceptions and dissolce barriers. Presenters and attendees exchanged ideas, visions, and passions and carried them back into communities to spark positive change. Jimmy O'Neal presented insight into his artistic process and the discovery of a new form of painting.





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